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Elastrons, polyvinylchloride

Plastic compound polyvinylchloride the NGP-40-32 brand NGP type (the lowered combustibility)
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The NGP brand plastic compound granulated by PVC - 40-32 is intended for protective covers of the wires and cables which are operated in the conditions of raised fire danger and conforming to requirements of the MEK 332 standard of the p. Z for burning non-proliferation. Plastic compound is issued...
Group: Elastrons, polyvinylchloride
Plastic compound polyvinylchloride I40-13A brands, rets. 8/2 GOST 5960-72
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PVC the plastic compound granulated the I40-13A brands rets. 8/2 it is intended for production of isolation of wires and cables. Temperature range of operation is from-40 degrees With to +70 degrees of Page. Plastic compound possesses the improved technological effectiveness at production of...
Group: Elastrons, polyvinylchloride


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